I am a positive, creative, media psychology geek enjoying the world full of entrepreneurs, artists & creative geniuses.


My research interests include life narratives, narrative identity, emotional storytelling, life meaning, happiness, media ethics, victim blaming in the media, kindness in the media, personal branding, public humiliation and honor, and other topics in positive media.


On 11-11-11 I got married to Tolga Katas, my Turkish prince, or “the king” as many call him. He’s a creative genius in countless ways. He does music, software, photography, video and more.

I have four goofball children who grew up and moved away far too soon. Don’t worry though. We stalk each other on social media and visit every time there are presents involved. Or cake. I currently live in Southern Utah, although I also spend a lot of time in Las Vegas. I do, however, have 4 chihuahuas that never plan to leave the nest.

Past Life:

In my past life, I was a kindergarten teacher, a parent educator and the president of a family network that produced and marketed family enrichment and literacy products that I developed. I had 800 sales reps at one point. I have published numerous educational books, created educational and motivational systems for families and children. I have also been parent educator on and off for 25 years, specializing in positive parenting, family literacy, and baby care & nurturing.


I’m a connector. I drink a lot of coffee. I zoom around in social media & thrive in positivity. I have an MBA, an M.A. and am a PhD candidate. I love transmedia storytelling, virtual reality, women’s issues, children, education & making a difference in the lives of others.


I take photos.



Preventing child abuse through parent education, promoting literacy, fighting human trafficking, empowering women – especially mothers & children. I try to do the humanitarian thing as much as possible. I currently volunteer my free time to helping the women and children in the FLDS community (Fundamentalist Mormons in Southern Utah).

My last name is legally a heart, as in the heart symbol ♥. It’s true. The story behind how that beautiful mistake happened is HERE.



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Story Starter

I grew up in a small river town in Michigan called Croton Dam.

We didn’t have much, but I had a great family, horses, animals, woods and lots of room for a child’s imagination to grow.  I also had a lazy eye, thick glasses, and a speech impediment which caused me to be picked on by the bullies.

I later learned that my speech impediment was from me being literally “tongue-tied,” which meant the tendons under my tongue were tight.  I had to have surgery to correct it, plus surgery to correct the roof of my mouth, etc.)

Experiencing peer rejection and feeling like an outcast was profoundly heart-wrenching for me because I was one of those super sensitive children

Today, of couse, , I wouldn’t trade those experiences because it created compassion in me for the underdogs. It also caused me to  develop my own best friend – a ventriloquist dummy named Howdy Doody.

I first learned  ventriloquism from a Buffalo Bob album that came with a Howdy Doody doll when I was 10 or 11.




It was a remarkable hobby for me and it helped to build my articulation and my confidence.  By the time I was in high school, I was the Student Body President, the National Honor Society president, and so on.






Methodist church where my grandfather preached

My grandfather was a Methodist pastor, my grandmother was a true saint.

My parents were both pillars of the community who were constantly reading.

My parents helping at my business

My dad was on the school board, was Citizen of the Year, president of the Lion’s Club, on the school board and much more.  He was the Supervisor (equivalent of the Mayor) of our township until he died.  He reeeeally made the world a better place.  The town even named a park after him!

My mother was the most creative woman ever.  When she made my Halloween costumes, I would win!  When my mom had an idea for robotic Christmas decorations in the yard or something, my dad would go out and make it. My mom has been a literacy volunteer, a museum volunteer the church treasurer and she has always had the heart to serve the poor and needy during the holidays.

I also have two amazing sisters and one incredible brother. We stayed in the same home our entire childhood, my parents stayed together, and our family had a lot of love and stability.

I joined the LDS church (Mormon) when I was a teenager. I went on a mission, got married in the temple, got a degree from BYU, and lived the “Molly Mormon” life until I got divorced.

After this, the story starts to get colorful, but I will have to finish this another day.



You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson