• The Regis Hotel – where criminals stayed

    I found some things online in the comments about articles that described the Regis Hotel.


    OMG. RUN! This place is as Corrupt as it’s going to get. This property is half owned by the city. SLUM LORDS! The cambridge next door (north of the regis) and the building next to that are the same things. The building on the north was already shut down because of how bad and unsafe it is.

    It really isn’t a hotel more of a single room occupancy…but they call it a hotel so when people start complaing the water or electricity off then they can ‘legally’ throw them out and keep their stuff. Alot of the people living here have been living here for years but a small percentage live for 6 months to a year and get cycled out. A few Sex offenders, Veterans, Down on your luck, Mental/physical disabilty…pretty much the ‘odd balls’ that get taken advantage of. They go into their rooms while they are gone and steal what little they have – because of course they have a key!

    The cambridge is on the second and third level there is a really dirty food place below muscimuci’s or something like that and sadly a school. There is also a theatre to the north of these building that is also rented out. I think the city is breaking their own laws..Slums lords! (many building/safety violation), sex offenders and renting to a school below?. They are making, literally, a killing on these places. Rent is $320 per month. Per room. 160 rooms x $320 plus the food restaraunt, theatre, childrens school and storage. Plus the fat guy Frank lives in the historic house in the alley and his buddies live in the back of the third bulding (north). They carry and flash thousands. Bunch of fat corrupt jerks.

    Shared shower, shared toilet, No kitchen. Just a room and sink.

    David Hartley, who had lived for two years at the Regis while working off his rent by doing security work for the hotel, was unable to move into Palmer Court or the Rio Grande because of his past criminal record.


    SALT LAKE CITY (Deseret News) — William Bogel watched his fiancee die and life begin to slip away.

    Richard Caldwell found himself dealing with a midlife crisis.

    When they hit rock bottom, the Regis Hotel was their last hope.

    Known in city circles as the State Street “SROs,” for “single-room occupancy,” the three State Street hotels located between 200 South and 300 South have been a thorn in the side of city officials since the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency purchased the buildings beginning in 2002

    The State Street SROs are the last of their kind—homes to Salt Lakers who, because of poverty, bad credit or criminal histories, literally can’t get a place anywhere else—a small room with a bathroom down the hall for about $80 a week. They include just 150 or so possible rooms

    The Regis building’s history as a theater dates back to 1908, when it was the Bungalow Theatre, before it became, in succession, the Lyceum, Daniels and, finally, the Rex, the stage of which is still preserved inside.

    But while the SROs frames remain structurally sound, the insides are crumbling. Dead cockroaches litter corners at the Regis. Plastic garbage cans sit in the cavernous hallways, which are lined with ancient, lint-covered green carpet and lit by exposed light bulbs. The floors and stairs creak with every step. Warps in the walls are patched at intervals with blotches of white, unpainted plaster.


    the Lyceum, Daniels and, finally, the Rex,


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