I Was Quoted in E-Commerce News

I Was Quoted in E-Commerce News

The article was entitled, “e-Shopping Fun Factor.” We’re more likely to buy when we’re having fun. That’s the theory behind the merging of e-commerce and entertainment, and for many retailers, it works.“The future of e-commerce is that it will all be integrated digitally,” said iMediaCandy President Christine Marie, “and the entertainment factor is what will help brands stand out.”

With a wealth of information at their fingertips, consumers are savvier than ever. They’re also much less likely to be swayed by traditional, in-your-face advertising and commercials. They want, instead, to be entertained and engaged by marketers.

In short, consumers just want to have fun.

Marketers and e-commerce retailers are, therefore, looking at ways to provide enjoyment and at the same time sell products.

That’s Infotainment

The article goes on with a cool story about Abe’s Market, then circles back to me and quotes Tolga as well. It’s actually an excellent article and I’ve pasted that part below.

The Power of Art

Other approaches to entertaining e-commerce focus less on information and more on the power of storytelling, artistic creation and celebrities to move consumers to buy. Think the Geico caveman or the BMW webisode series. Such marketing ploys have the ability both to capture an audience and, subtly, to sell that audience on the brand and its products.

The key to much of this kind of marketing is the development of new forms of that old standby, product placement. A star in a music video, for instance, might be wearing sunglasses that a consumer can click on and buy in an instant.

“The future of e-commerce is that it will all be integrated digitally,” Christine Marie, president and founder of marketing companyiMediaCandy, told the E-Commerce Times, “and the entertainment factor is what will help brands stand out.”

What makes something entertaining?

“The things that go viral are funny, shocking or cool,” said Marie. “Entertainment is sticky. You’ll go to a website where you think you’ll have some enjoyment.”

Entertaining marketing is also more likely to be shared among people, leading to what’s being called “word of mouse.”

“People want to talk about things,” Tolga Katas, iMedia Candy’s CTO, told the E-Commerce Times. “You have to know your consumers are smart and well-connected.”

This interconnectivity between consumers has led to a refiguring of the concept of “celebrity.” It once was the case that only national or international celebrities had enough clout to sell products through endorsements or product placement.

Now, though, local celebrities, bloggers, and others with influence in the digital world can boost sales just by posting a simple “like” on Facebook, or mentioning a product in a blog post — and they’re often cheaper to get than big-name celebrities.

“There are a lot of tiny little superstars — people who are extremely influential in the community they’re in,” explained Katas.

Artists, too, can help drive sales by creating storylines, videos, artwork and other entertaining content to keep consumers coming back for more. Like smaller local celebrities, artists need not have hit it big in order to help a company sell products. They just need to create engaging content.

“Artists are the key,” said Marie. “They’re the product promoting the product.”


Read the  original article in its entirety.



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