Rambo, the Dog Hairstylist!

Rambo, the Dog Hairstylist!

Rambo, my grand-dog (owned by my daughter Lola,) has a dream of becoming a hairdresser.  When our good friend Nick O’Toole came over, Rambo just had to give him a new hairstyle.  In case any of you want to replicate Nick O ‘ Toole’s hairstyle, I’ve included the various steps Rambo took to help Nick get the Rambo Lick Look.

First he prepared Nick’s hair with a good combing.

Rambo was exceptionally thorough for a dog hairdresser.

He kept checking to see if he had everything even.

He worked on the left side while little Bambi (the fascinated chihuahua with Tolga) looked on.

Then Rambo saw something uneven so he worked more on the right side.

By the way, the arm on the left belongs to the very amused Morris Hayes, musical director for Prince.  Lucky Morris captured the styling on video!

When he didn’t have a section of the hair style quite right, he just kept at it until it looked precisely the way he wanted.

A little more down here towards the back.

He finished up Nick’s new the hairstyle with a little more fullness at the crown of the head.  Check out Nick below, showing off his new look and his sexy new hairdo!

Thank you, Nick O’Toole, for hanging in there like a good sport and allowing me to take all these pics!

So do you think Rambo should enter a hair show?



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