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Celebrating%20Positive%20Behavior%20in%20ChildrenCelebrating Positive Behavior in Children

Celebrating Positive Behavior in Children

3 min read
Studies show that the average parent has 15 negative interactions with their child for every one positive interaction. Yet, children are 7 times more likely to repeat the things that get noticed.
The%20Trauma%20of%20HumiliationThe Trauma of Humiliation

The Trauma of Humiliation

1 min read
Neuroscience shows that public humiliation is the most intense human emotion. It is a psychology trauma that can last a lifetime.
Coming%20SoonComing Soon

Coming Soon

1 min read
Thank you for bearing with me as I put this site together. I am in the process of completing various articles, galleries and other content, so come back soon.
The%20science%20behind%20nostagiaThe science behind nostagia

The science behind nostagia

1 min read
There’s a reason the brain is attracted to memories of the past,

Life stories evolve

2 min read
Telling your story can help your life, including organizing your identity. And if you have experienced suffering, telling your story can even help create positive changes in the brain.