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Christine Marie
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“Just blooming where I'm planted”


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  • Apricot Therapy for Mrs. Katas

    Life is pretty intense for Christine Marie Katas between doing my humanitarian work, juggling my academic studies in Media Psychology, opening a new business, dealing with media and tending to my family and animals. However, I have decided to make it a point to live as if age is irrelevant, climb some trees and get therapy and refreshment from nature more often.


    I am basking in the joy of living next to an orchard – especially right now since I am an apricot connoisseur and the trees are bursting with fruit. Is there any better stress reduction than this?

    This gallery is thanks to my creative hubby Tolga Katas.

    Christine Marie Katas hanging from a limb


  • My daughter featured on Billboard Magazine!

    Lola Blanc Talks Dating Marilyn Manson & Premieres ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-Inspired Music Video

    “Lola Blanc’s work has taken her in all manner of directions, starting from a background as a pop singer/songwriter, where she even co-wrote a song for Britney Spears. ..She conjures a world of the dramatic and theatrical. This is especially visible in her video for “Don’t Say You Do,” a track about the brief time she spent dating goth rock icon Marilyn Manson.”   READ MORE

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