Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!

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On 11.11.11. She became my queen! We fight a lot of battles together but never fight with each other.  True love stories never have endings.  She is everything to me. We are living happily in  our story book life with our 12 dogs, 5 horses, 50 chickens!! I love you Christine Marie Katas, Happy Anniversary!!!!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet...

I gave a presentation at the community non-profit meeting in #ShortCreek. I talked about the Edson Academy - the new FLDS school & resource facilitated by #voicesfordignity!

I gave a presentation at...

My beautiful daughter @oohlalola #singer #songwriter #actor #director #celebrity #icon

My beautiful daughter @oohlalola #singer...

I just did a presentation on helping people from plural communities - for the International Cultic Studies Association conference. People were completely supportive and truly moved. Ashlen co-presented with me. My heart is filled with gratitude.

I just did a presentation...

I'm in Santa Fe for a cult conference. Tonight I went to #meowwolf with @ashlen.hilliard and Melanie! I had a blast with the fun company and mind-blowing creativity.

I'm in Santa Fe for...

Thrilled to have volunteers from #gracereigns helping get the Edson Academy ready! So much work. #feelingblessed. Thank you so much Gareth, Kristin and angels from Indiana! Thank you Brody as well.

Thrilled to have volunteers from...


Ranting & raving about life's complications

Why I am fixated on stories

1 min read

Our brains our hardwired to remember things in story format. In fact, if you tell a person a story, he will remember it far longer than a list of facts. Author Cecilia Calderón said, “The stories we tell ourselves can open or close possibilities for us.” …


Coming%20soonComing soon

Coming soon

1 min read

This web site is in development, but I decided to put it online before it was completely finished instead of hiding it behind an UNDER CONSTRUCTION page. Check back soon! …

The%20science%20behind%20nostagiaThe science behind nostagia

The science behind nostagia

1 min read
There’s a reason the brain is attracted to memories of the past,

What your life story says about you

1 min read

Stories may not seem like a basic survival need, but our brains naturally tell stories as a way to give structure and meaning to our lives. And according to research in narrative psychology, an emerging field of study that examines how stories shape our lives and personalities, the stories we tell ourselves play a large role in who we are. “Consciousness begins when brain gains the power, the simple power I might add, of telling a …


Stories%20in%20the%20brainStories in the brain

Stories in the brain

2 min read

Positive psychologist Shawn Achor describes how there are 11 million pieces of information from our nerve endings that bombard our brains, but our brains only comprehend 40 bits of information per second. If we want to capture the attention of someone’s busy brain, we have to do something that causes our message to rise above the noise. This is where stories become our knights in shining armor. For example, imagine a king being presented a long …

Story%20ProofStory Proof

Story Proof

2 min read

Storyproof:  Character intention makes the story make sense. Perhaps the most powerful realization for me in Haven’s chapters is that the foundation for understanding human narrative is to grasp the intent of the characters. In every culture, the most fundamental elements of story include having a character with a goal. However, understanding that a character is on a mission does not necessarily explain the intent. An effective story needs to enable the receiver to understand the …

Developing your story

2 min read

A story map is reflects the plot points in the story core elements in a deeper, more sophisticated way. It includes the plotting of the emotional elements and maps out the plot in a way that makes sense; specifically, the problem, transformation, and resolution. A story map is using a visual tool that helps the creator see the story arch and any potentially missing elements. A story map is turned into a script, or the written …