Media Psychology

What%20is%20Media%20Psychology?What is Media Psychology?

What is Media Psychology?

1 min read
Media Psychology is an exciting new field that focuses on how media and technology influence thoughts and behaviors in individuals and societies.


Archetypes%20&%20BrandingArchetypes & Branding

Archetypes & Branding

2 min read
Whether you have a business brand or a personal brand, the story is everything, and this includes the story of you.


Personal%20Brand%20StrategyPersonal Brand Strategy

Personal Brand Strategy

3 min read
The true power of branding can only come from within, by deeply knowing oneself and understanding who you are, what you stand for and what matters to the fans, followers or clients in your target market.


Victim%20blaming%20in%20the%20media%20–%20NXIVMVictim blaming in the media – NXIVM

Victim blaming in the media – NXIVM

7 min read
In 2017, Channel 13 News in Albany, NY reported on a story that came out in the New York Times. In the reporting, the victim-blaming was rampant and inappropriate. I analyzed the transcripts an gave it a grade.