Dr. Christine Marie is a survivor of human trafficking and is the founder of Voices for Dignity, a 501(C)3 that facilitates humanitarian support, education and positive wrap-around services for vulnerable populations, including those who have survived oppression, humiliation, coercive control and human trafficking.  has an MBA, an MA in psychology, is an author, speaker, researcher, trainer and human rights advocate. She is a Certified Life Coach, Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate, a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I) and Sex Trafficking & Sex Industry Specialist (CCTS-S). She currently lives in Southern Utah where she is an intermediary for the FLDS (Fundamental Mormons) and advocates for harm reduction, educational advancement, and humanitarian care.

Credentials aside, her true stories will knock your socks off, her delivery style is warm and engaging, and the information she shares is rich with research, innovative perspectives, and original content desperately needed today.


Press where Christine has appeared or been quoted (partial list).

Speaking, Training & Podcast Topics


  • The traumatic impact of media misrepresentation

  • The university of adversity: Life purpose after trauma

  • Human trafficking

  • Victim-blaming and shaming

  • Personal branding and image repair

  • The power of story

  • Media psychology – why every leader needs to understand it

  • How to help people from plural communities (polygamist cultures)

  • Cult psychology & trauma bonds

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