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Christine Marie modelng pose for older womenI channel

Mother Nature
Mother Goose
Mother Teresa & the
Mother of Invention.

Unfortunately, they fight.

I’m Christine Marie, a geeky, bumbling, puppet-loving former kindergarten teacher with an MBA, now in the process of getting a PhD in Media Psychology.  Aside from academic endeavors, I thrive on child-like creativity, positivity, productivity & fun.  I’m married to an extraordinary, eccentric, multimedia genius from Istanbul who creates software, apps, music, videos & photos. We live playfully in a fascinating world full of entrepreneurs, geeks, hackers, artists, producers, models & people trying to stir up trouble, break the status quo, live life to the fullest or make a difference in the world.

Tolga and I are like 200 people rolled into one and somehow we’re astonishingly productive in spite of ourselves.

Love u too! Mom ♥I have an online magazine & a ‘tech company,’ zoom around in social media & thrive in business start-ups. I brainstorm. I mom & blog & market. I design and build web sites, apps, and graphics.  I write. I connect people. I bake things. I create stuff. I do photography. I fight bad guys.

My life is run by chihuahuas & a cell phone.

I’m a survivor.

I know that  1 + 1 = 2.

Beyond that, my math skills are lame. (In grad school, I had to get a tutor for economics, statistics, and accounting.)  By the time I drove home after finals, I forgot 95% of every advanced math concept I ever learned.

My last name is legally a heart, as in the heart symbol ♥.  Until I change it to Katas, anyway.  It’s true.  The story behind how that happened is HERE, not that you care.

I love retro everything.

I am intoxicated by literacy and creativity.

The most beautiful moment to experience with a child is when I see the joy on his face upon realizing for the first time that he can read a book all by himself!

It’s stunning!!

That’s what led me to develop children’s characters and write children’s books for emerging readers.

Software & Photography

Tolga built a photo software and that led to his new hobby. I get to be the guinea pig/model/muse for Tolga’s creative projects from technology to  photography.

PIG may be the best word to describe me. It stands for * Photographer’s Indestructible Gruntworker * because I’m the one on hand when Tolga needs something. Sometimes I’m the human fan for the models, sometimes I’m the fashion stylist or the creative director of the photo shoot, and other times – like when Tolga gets a creative brainstorm or wants to test a location we drive past for lighting or practice something – I’m the ‘model.’ Hence, he has thousands of photos of me that are blackmail material.

[Granted, not all women begin modeling after they've raised their children, but hey, I'm a late bloomer.]

My Greatest Accomplishment

Christine Marie with her children

I am the proud producer of four lively, creative, wonderful, animal-loving children.

Of course, they’re all grown now.

Christian works at a law firm and is learning to produce music.

Tim is in grad school in Norway studying International Comparative Education.

Kandice (artist name Lola Blanc) is a pop star in Hollywood. (More HERE)

Emerson is still active LDS, in college and is learning computer engineering in Provo, Utah.

  For more about my own family and where I came from, click HERE.

Christine Marie

Christine Marie

Dreaming to own one of these someday


Me with one of my puppets


I do my own photo retouching. That’s why most photos of me look 30 when I’m actually 100, and make me look like a toothpick when I’m actually a tree stump. So you probably won’t recognize me in real life.  But Paula Dean does it, Oprah does it, so it must be okay.

Now onto more important things.

Personal Causes

Preventing child abuse, educating parents, promoting literacy, fighting human trafficking, battling cult leaders, empowering single mothers, advocating for vulnerable & exploited women.

Please visit my Causes page HERE.


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