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Why%20I%20am%20fixated%20on%20storiesWhy I am fixated on stories

Why I am fixated on stories

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Our brains our hardwired to remember things in story format. In fact, if you tell a person a story, he will remember it far longer than a list of facts. Author Cecilia Calderón said, "The stories we tell ourselves can open or close possibilities for us." (I'm working on the rest of this article right now!)

The%20Orchard%20By%20My%20HouseThe Orchard By My House

The Orchard By My House

1min read

Life is pretty intense for me, Christine Marie Katas, between doing my humanitarian work, juggling my academic studies in Media Psychology, opening a new business, dealing with media and tending to my family and animals. However, I have decided to make it a point to live as if age is irrelevant, climb some trees and get therapy and refreshment from nature more often.   I am basking in the joy of living next ...

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