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Dr. Christine Marie

How to Tell if You Are Brainwashed

6 min read

Thought Reform Self-Check How to tell if you have been subjected to coercive thought reform and authoritarian control by a master manipulator or religious predator. Put a check mark by each one that applies, then count the total. ———————————————- Your ability to think freely is impacted ___You feel concerned about taking this quiz. ___You feel uncomfortable talking to other believers about your doubts. ___You believe your leader has access to divine…


The%20Socio-Psychomedia%20EffectThe Socio-Psychomedia Effect

The Socio-Psychomedia Effect

1 min read

Media, technology, communication, art, and science are intersecting in powerful new ways that are saturating our society and transforming our world. Bernard Luskin (2017) calls media psychology "a specialty whose time is now." In 1998, he described the “socio-psychomedia effect” as a neologism combining sociology, psychology, and media (pictures, graphics, and sound). Media psychology and media studies are different fields, however they both require an understanding of "the physical and emotional aspects ...


Intro%20to%20Positive%20PsychologyIntro to Positive Psychology

Intro to Positive Psychology

1 min read

Positive Psychology Traditional psychology is the study of mental illness. Positive Psychology, however, is the study of mental wellness. The focus of Positive Psychology is to study what people do right, what factors contribute to happiness, what makes individuals and communities flourish. Four of the major aims of Positive Psychology: To be able to life’s challenges with resilience To have meaningful relationships with other people To find fulfillment in creativity and productivity And ...


Personal%20Brand%20StrategyPersonal Brand Strategy

Personal Brand Strategy

3 min read

The true power of branding can only come from within, by deeply knowing oneself and understanding who you are, what you stand for and what matters to the fans, followers or clients in your target market. By clearly understanding what you stand for, and what differentiates you from other individuals or artists, you can create consistency in the message of your personal brand. In today's digital world with thousands of professionals or artists ...


Character%20Strengths%20and%20VirtuesCharacter Strengths and Virtues

Character Strengths and Virtues

4 min read

Traditional psychology has the DSM-5 Handbook to help diagnose mental illness. The positive psychology counterpart to that is the Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification. Within this handbook there are 24 character strengths and virtues that have been shown to contribute to life happiness. SOURCE: 1. Wisdom and Knowledge – Cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge Creativity : Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize ...


Victim%20blaming%20in%20the%20media%20–%20NXIVMVictim blaming in the media – NXIVM

Victim blaming in the media – NXIVM

7 min read

Channel 13 News in Albany, NY reported on a story that came out in the New York Times. In the reporting, the victim blaming was rampant. I have analyzed the transcripts below. Critical Analysis Transcript: There’s shocking allegations about a group that’s long been at the center of controversy in our area. That group is NXIVM. Based in Albany, it was founded in 1998 by Keith Raniere. This is factual and fair. Transcript: It’s been ...