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Intro%20to%20Positive%20PsychologyIntro to Positive Psychology

Intro to Positive Psychology

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Positive Psychology Traditional psychology is the study of mental illness. Positive Psychology, however, is the study of mental wellness. The focus of Positive Psychology is to study what people do right, what factors contribute to happiness, what makes individuals and communities flourish. Four of the major aims of Positive Psychology: To be able to life’s challenges with resilience To have meaningful relationships with other people To find fulfillment in creativity and productivity And ...

Character%20Strengths%20and%20VirtuesCharacter Strengths and Virtues

Character Strengths and Virtues

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Traditional psychology has the DSM-5 Handbook to help diagnose mental illness. The positive psychology counterpart to that is the Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification. Within this handbook there are 24 character strengths and virtues that have been shown to contribute to life happiness. SOURCE: Viacharacter.org 1. Wisdom and Knowledge – Cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge Creativity : Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize ...

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