The%20Trauma%20of%20HumiliationThe Trauma of Humiliation

The Trauma of Humiliation

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Neuroscience shows that public humiliation is the most intense human emotion. It is a psychology trauma that can last a lifetime. More info coming soon.

Humiliation%20QuotesHumiliation Quotes

Humiliation Quotes

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Two kinds of humiliation: humiliation as rejection from the human commonwealth and humiliation as extreme injury to the other’s control over herself. - Margalit   Humiliation leads to social pain, to decreased self-awareness to decreased self-regulation to ...increased self-defeating behavior and finally to violence. - Lindner Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, in a speech in 2003, said the 'single most under-appreciated force in international relations is humiliation. The more severe the humiliation and trauma, ...

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