The%20Polygamy%20BillThe Polygamy Bill

The Polygamy Bill

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2011 Canadian Ruling Against Polygamy

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B.C. Supreme Court has upheld Canada’s polygamy laws, but says minors who end up in polygamous marriages should be exempt from prosecution. In a 335-page decision released on in 2011, Chief Justice Robert Bauman ruled in favour of the section of the Criminal Code outlawing polygamous unions.

The%20Polygamy%20QuestionThe Polygamy Question

The Polygamy Question

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Polygamy is tolerated to some degree by almost half of the world’s societies. It is practiced by only 2 percent of North Americans from a range of religious and national backgrounds. Some participants in polygamous marriages have immigrated to North America from countries where such marriage is permitted and recognized under the law. Others are members of local fundamentalist Mormon religious sects, which practice polygamy outside the bounds of secular law. ...

Polygamy%20in%20the%20United%20States:%20How%20Marginalized%20Religious%20Communities%20Cope%20with%20Stigmatizing%20Discourses%20Surrounding%20Plural%20MarriagePolygamy in the United States: How Marginalized Religious Communities Cope with Stigmatizing Discourses Surrounding Plural Marriage

Polygamy in the United States: How Marginalized Religious Communities Cope with Stigmatizing Discourses Surrounding Plural Marriage

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Considerable work by advocates for stigmatized groups has yielded dramatic progress in advancing social reform with the goal of fostering a culture of tolerance and understanding for personal and cultural differences (Kite, 2011). Despite progress for several traditionally stigmatized groups, other groups are not visible in mainstream American culture and remain relegated to the corners of American society. Some of these “hidden populations” intentionally evade detection so as to avoid interference from potential threats READ PAPER

The Polygamy Question, Introduction: Plural Marriage and Legal Pluralism

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Questions regarding the legal and ethical permissibility of plural marriage occupy a disproportionately large space in the public and legal imagination. This collection seeks to trace the genealogy of contemporary interest in the institution of polygamous marriage, explore arguments for and against its recognition under North American legal systems, and consider how such recognition might operate in practice. READ MORE

An%20Exploration%20of%20Polygamous%20Marriages:%20A%20WorldviewAn Exploration of Polygamous Marriages: A Worldview

An Exploration of Polygamous Marriages: A Worldview

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Polygamy remains one of the key topics in various societies. It is through cultural practices, beliefs and also on the individuals’ choices that people decide to be committed to polygamy lifestyles. Polygyny remains widespread across the world. Over seventy percent of the societies known to Anthropologists permit men to marry more than one wife. There are consequences to each type of marriage that certain individuals might adapt to. Women who have ...

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