A beautiful #flds girl roasting a marshmallow at one of our special cookouts.

A beautiful #flds girl roasting...

Tolga got the #flds children all silly

Tolga got the #flds children...

School going on for #FLDS children at #VoicesforDignity . Lots of donations still needed! And thank you to everyone who sent things already!

School going on for #FLDS...

Meet little me. Chrissy. Lazy eye, crooked teeth, tongue-tied and big lisp. I was a great target for childhood bullying. It took quite a toll on my developing self-worth, but I learned compassion for the underdog. And I outgrew the nonsense.

Meet little me. Chrissy. Lazy...

What is the message of this picture to you? This is one of the artistic activism photos we did for #VoicesforDignity for fighting human trafficking. Photo by @tolgakatas

What is the message of...

I am thrilled to share this beautiful picture book with a profound message about healing, especially meaningful for children who have been traumatized. This book was a donation from @birthwarriordoula Meghan Hindi-Anfang, and it is already touching hearts. Thank you Meghan for such a thoughtful and powerful ❤️ gift!!! #thehealingyoucando

I am thrilled to share...

An Exploration of Polygamous Marriages: A Worldview

1 min read

Polygamy remains one of the key topics in various societies. It is through cultural practices, beliefs and also on the individuals’ choices that people decide to be committed to polygamy lifestyles. Polygyny remains widespread across the world. Over seventy percent of the societies known to Anthropologists permit men to marry more than one wife. There are consequences to each type of marriage that certain individuals might adapt to. Women who have entered into polygamous marriages have different experiences that can be enriching to those who practice monogamy. This paper highlights what people in polygamous marriages face on a daily basis. It argues that there are more disadvantages for women who are in polygamous marriages than there are for their counterparts in monogamous relationships. The paper further suggests that the patriarchal power structure appears to play a powerful and effective role in polygamous marriages in our societies. However, there is also a realization that many people practising polygamy are happier. There is also an exploration of the complexities of polygamous marriages from a
worldview with the hope of understanding the nature and evolution of polygamous marriages.



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An Exploration of Polygamous Marriages: A Worldview

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